The Cost of Rudeness...

Research confirms that there is a tangible cost of incivility to business. Whether you are a small business or a multi-national corporation, fostering civility in your workplace can: increase morale,  help you leverage Social IQ,  facilitate cultural competence, encourage effective communication, decrease turnover, boost service-orientation and significantly impact the bottom line.  

Civility Experts is pleased to offer a comprehensive Organizational Civility Assessment Package which includes: 

  • Administering of the Organizational Civility Scale
  • Comprehensive Civility Analysis Report with Training Recommendations

Customized Civility Training Plan which may include: 

  • Customized Workshops 
  • Infusing Civility Content into ExistingWorkplace Documents
  • Train-the-Workplace Civility Trainer
  • Planning and Initial Facilitation of a Workplace Civility Initiative 

Chose 1 or all elements of the package depending on your needs and budget. 
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Is your organization susceptible to, or already infected with, the incivility virus?  

Check the vital signs of your organization for SYMPTOMS OF VIRAL INCIVILITY in the workplace:

  • persistent miscommunication; nonresponsive employees, misunderstandings, arguments, withholding of information, lack of effective internal and external communication strategies
  • diminished employee morale; negative attitudes, lack of energy, poor engagement, lowered corporate confidence and measurable lack of accountability
  • decreasing productivity; lateness, laziness, reduced quality and quantity of output, diminishing collaborative effort
  • increased customer service complaints; visible decrease in product and/or service standards
  • growing gap in alignment between corporate goals and leaderships’ abilities; lack of integrity and ethics
  • inability for organization at one or more levels to adapt effectively to change
  • growing cultural and communication barriers with/among employees and customers
  • increased difficulty recruiting and hiring competent personnel
  • inability to build and maintain capacity
  • difficulty identifying and/or practicing core corporate values
There are measurable links between the listed symptoms of incivility and bottom-line business metrics.

If you can identify 3 or more of the symptoms listed as current issues in your workplace, incivility could already be costing your organization money, time and personnel. Left unchecked, these symptoms could have significant, irreparable impact to your business.

Civility Experts is proud to be an authorized distributor of the Organizational Civility Scale™ (OCS).
How Does Your Organization Measure Up?
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Sample OCS Questions about The Civility Scale™.  Review the Civility Scale here
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Book any of the following workshops in half day or full day incremements: Canadian & U.S. rates available.

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  • The Business of Civility
  • Building a Culture of Civility
  • The Power of One: Workplace Civility Initiative Workshop with Comprehensive Toolkit Option
  • Civility in the 21st Century- is it Possible? 
  • Real-life Civility in a Virtual World 
  • Setting Workplace Standards; Civility in the Workplace
  • Navigating a World of Differences© - Building Cultural Competence 
The Organizational Civility Scale™ was created by Dr. Cindy Clark and Dr. Eric Landrum. The scale has been approved by the Institutional Review Board at Boise State University.
This ground-breaking online assessment tool effectively measures:
•       civility
•       incivility
•       job satisfaction
•       stress and coping

The long-form online OCS assessment takes about 20 minutes to complete and it  can be  used for any number of  employees in any organization.

ALSO AVAILABLE: "The mini Organizational Civility Scale (mOCS) is an evidence-based 5-minute 20-item paper-based measure that provides an overall snapshot of the levels of civility in the workplace; scores are compared to an international research database and mOCS scores can be used to indicate if more detailed, diagnostic measures are needed." 

The scale is: 
  • evidence-based: conclusions are based on empirical data and thousands of observations
  • practical: mOCS can be administered in a paper-and-pencil or electronic form
  • valid: studies indicate that mOCS scores are global measures of civility/incivility in the workplace
  • predictive: mOCS scores can be indicators of further diagnostic testing is necessary (OCS), leading to finer-grained recommendations
  • economical: mOCS can be administered for a  per person, which includes a summary report
  • scalable: mOCS and OCS efforts can be upscaled or downsized to meet the needs of large or small organizations
  • non-disruptive: completing the mOCS should take organizational members/employees less that 5 minutes to complete
  • utility: mOCS outcomes yield one overall score (like a barometric reading); changes in the climate can be tracked over time

Half Day Workshop (Canadian)
Half Day Workshop (United States)

Full Day Workshop (Canadian)
Full Day Workshop (United States)

All Workshop Bundles Include:
  • Workshop Topic of Your Choice
  • Civility Scale Assessment
  • Up to 100 Attendees 
  • 24/7 Access for one full year to MannersTV for all Participants
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